Aswan Forum :: Terrorism in the Shadow of the Pandemic
Terrorism in the Shadow of the Pandemic
06 July 2020
The complexity of the current conflict and terrorism landscape compels us to rethink our approaches. We should no longer simplify complexity, rather embrace it. We should also break silos and move towards an integrated, coherent and mutually-reinforcing approach to dealing with all sorts of problems, including a new typology of armed conflict and groups.
Understanding why individuals join terrorist organizations is crucial to devise the appropriate response. Equally important, however, is understanding what happens to those individuals during their membership or association with terrorist organizations, and why some of them eventually leave. This workshop aims to broaden the discussion surrounding dealing with individuals associated with terrorist organizations, and to explore the possibilities for advancing the evolution of an integrated, coherent and comprehensive approach to “incentivizing and managing journeys out of extremism”. It will also address the complex task of establishing a post terrorist-governed order (extension of state authority, a new social contract, community resilience, etc.)
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