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United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Commends Egypt’s Timely Organization of the Aswan Forum
25 December 2019
In a statement addressing the Peacebuilding Commission in New York on 18 December 2019, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed commended the timely and successful Aswan Forum initiative for “championing African-led solutions”, and reinforcing her conviction that “Africa has both the vision and leadership required for a future of peace and prosperity.”

The statement (delivered on her behalf by United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support Oscar Fernández-Taranco) highlighted key takeaways from Aswan that will help the UN not only “pursue integrated responses on the ground, with sustainable development at the center,” but also “serve as a key input for the 2020 United Nations peacebuilding architecture review and the upcoming Report of the Secretary-General on peacebuilding and sustaining peace.”

The takeaways focused on the importance of investing in development strategies, including investments on all levels from infrastructure to women and youth empowerment. She also pointed to the importance of climate action being an important factor in achieving this development. However, she also emphasized that to reach the ultimate goal of sustainable peace and development,  a holistic approach is needed as they “are two sides of the same coin” and require a “genuine commitment” by all to empower and engage women and youth who make up the majority of Africa’s population.  In addition, although Africa’s normative and legal frameworks are adequate, regional integration and cooperation, as well as alignment and coherence of the international community’s support, and improved governance are a must.

She concluded by focusing on the steps the United Nations is taking to become “a stronger partner for African nations,” and again commended the Government of Egypt for having organized the timely Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development--the first of its kind on the continent.   

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