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The Impact of Climate Change on Security and Development in Africa: Towards Risk-Informed National Planning and Programming and International Support
September 2020
While the interlinkages between climate change and conflict are manifold, there is no direct causal relationship among them, meaning that climate change threats don’t automatically translate into violence and conflict risks. Security risks can be averted or exacerbated based on human interventions – or the lack of them. Essentially, this is a political endeavor that requires policymakers to become more capable in assessing and responding to climate-security risks.
Across the African continent, the impacts of climate change and its associated security and development risks have become more pronounced. This reiterates the urgency to assess the impacts of climate change on security and development in Africa and identify avenues to prevent, withstand and cope with climate threats. In light of this, this expert webinar series inferred recommendations on how to integrate climate-related security and development risks in climate adaptation, development and peacebuilding planning and programming, how to translate risk-informed planning into implementation, and how to assess and mobilize the requisite means of implementation to respond to these risks.
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